Michaël Hubert

Web & game developer.


Fluid is a 3D video game project made as a team, for our studies' graduation.

Its uniqueness was to mix the dungeon crawler genre with a battle system based on rhythm.

Most of the development was made over in a year and a half.


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In early 2016, our first proposal made to our school jury was the creation of a randomized dungeon crawler, using a Kinect to summon attacks and a Wiimote held on the forearm to navigate around the user interface.

Our group made 4 prototypes to try different gameplays : free or grid-based battle movement, different usage of attacks...

The proposal being accepted by the school, we made a newer "vision" prototype which had to look like what we wanted to achieve.

Preview of the 4 first prototypes
"Vision" prototype : exploration & battle

For a few months, we completly remodeled the gameplay following the feedbacks about the first prototypes. The battle system would then become turn-based with ATB.

The next prototype had to show our ideal vision of what it should be in terms of gameplay, graphics and music, which is why we were allowed to use existing assets. From now on, the game is named "Fluid".

The game development seriously begins at the start of the school year in September 2016, with the pre-production phase where a lot happens : further gameplay changes, choosing a graphic style, coding the game foundations, defining the pipeline workflow for 2D and 3D assets...

A prototype version of the game was showcased in October 2016, containing only a test battle and a piece of level modeled by ourselves.

"Game design" prototype
"Alpha" version

At the beginning of the production phase, effort is put on the 3D modeling of the first level and on revamping the battle user interface.

Many playtests were conducted, to check if our gameplay was appreciated and understood by the players. Our battle system being so unique, its understanding was often difficult : we then understood that a readable interface and numerous feedbacks were a must have. Alpha version of the game was finished in February 2017.

The development advances as planned. The first level is starting to have its gameplay integration being complete : tutorial, exploration, traps, foes... and the battle system gets some enhancements to be more fun.

Battle is getting way better by the addition of motion capture animations for the player's attacks. Beta version would be finished in March 2017.

Version "Bêta"
Version "Master"

The biggest evolutions happened in the last months of the development timespan, with an extensive and iterative work on some details. The user interface is prettier and more ergonomic than ever, and an Options as well as a Pause menu are now avaliable.

The battle system is now offering a skills set, which the player have to unlock through an exploration of the different levels, and which gradually power up by using them in battle. An accessibility option is also available, as you can choose one among two fonts made for dyslexic people.

As planned, the game is finished upon the school deadline, at the end of June 2017.