Michaël Hubert

Web & game developer.


Painhog is an independent video game made in 48h during the 2015 Global Game Jam held in Cergy.

We embody an hedgehog whose destiny is scelled by the Reaper. To satisfy her, he has to wound himself in the most beautiful way possible.

Unity was chosen as the game engine, and scripts were written in C#.




This year's Global Game Jam theme bein "What do we do now ?", the brainstorming was far from being simple. But it was clear that the theme meant that choices would have to be made in the game.

That's when we decided to reverse one of the obvious video game things : what if the goal was to die instead of staying alive ?

To counter-balance the creepy nature of this choice, all of the artistic direction was chosen to be childish and absurd, with a hedgehog as the protagonist.

To relate to the theme, the story consists of an hedgehog being visited by the Reaper, who's gonna kill it anyway, but would like to see it hurting itself using various objects randomly spreaded in its house.

But dying too fast wouldn't be too fun ! During the 5 minutes of time it got, the protagonist can both hurt itself (to win points) and heal itself (by losing few points) : the player then have to balance the two types of actions to have the best score possible within the allotted time.

Even if the game is displayed in 2D, all the rooms are made in 3D in order to manage the protagonist movements and its collision with the places that are hiding usable objects.

My role in this game creation was to implement the menus, some elements of the UI, the collision system, the use of objects by the protagonist, and the final implementation of the rooms into the game.

Thanks to the good management of our team, we managed to effectively advance in the game conception despite being numerous. The only difficulties being about the 3D representation of the rooms, the protagonist management and the scenes management.

Even if we couldn't do everything we wanted at first, we're still proud of the result. Gathering at this Global Game Jam was an unforgetable experience that would be useful for our next involvements in games making.