Michaël Hubert

Web & game developer.


Sun of the Beach is an independent video game made in 48h during the 2017 Global Game Jam held in Cergy.

Freddo, the game protagonist, have only one goal : bother everyone that's enjoying the beach so he can have it all for himself.

The game was made thanks to the Superpowers engine, and the scripts are written in TypeScript.




The theme of this Global Game Jam was "Waves". This word can relate to so much things, like in nature, technology or even shapes, which was convenient to find a good game idea.

Instead of using it only to find the ambiance of our future game, which would be a beach, we were also making the waves an essential element of our gameplay.

The goal is to bother everyone on a beach, each of them wanting to throw ourself to the sea that rises over the time. If we hit the sea, it's game over !

Like the precedent year, we chose to use the Superpowers engine to develop the game simultaneously. Having a little experience on this engine, I was able to embellish the game with various animations on the environments and the user interface, to make everything more lively and to feature an invisible transition between the different game screens.

The ambiance music as well as every sound effect of the player and the PNJs were fully made with our mouth, by registering several members of the team.

As a developer on the project, I had to kickstart the main gameplay and then work on the title screen, the credits, and the transition between each scene.

The game making was fast and we managed to finish everything that was planed, the remaining time letting us register the music and the sound effects.