Michaël Hubert

Web & game developer.


Moist Rescue is an independent video game made in 48h during the 2018 Global Game Jam held in Cergy.

The apprentice waiter Thierry is bored in its last work hour. He's having fun doing experiments, to say the least, quite stupid: trying to transmit mold to healthy fruits just to see what happens !

The game engine is Unity, and all scripting was made in C#.




This Global Game Jam's theme being "Transmission", we've though a lot for an idea before finding the concept of virus transmission.

Also, we wanted to create a little game using Unity and playable with a Joy-Con. Inspired by its motion controls, you'll have to make the orange, controlled by another player on the keyboard, go right into the rotten fruits of a plate.

Being the only developer this time, we've choosen a simple gameplay with a challenge created by the meeting of the plate movement and the orange movement.

The only trouble was to use the Joy-Con, not being made to be used with a computer, the Bluetooth connexion was quite unstable and the only available Unity library quite limited.