Michaël Hubert

Web & game developer.


Oh nooo !!! It's getting out... is an independent video game made in 48h during the 2016 Global Game Jam held in Cergy.

You play as a salaryman that has to find the toilets as fast as possible in a huge open-space before the worst of all accidents happen.

The game was made thanks to the Superpowers engine, and the scripts are written in TypeScript.




Every year the Global Game Jam offers a different theme, and that year it was "Rituals". A theme that gives some food for thought, but it wasn't such a problem anyway.

After a lengthly research, the team finally found a ritual as absurd as fun to adapt as a video game : the toilet break at work. Something usually easy, fast and discreet, but that we'll make way more difficult.

What would be better than making the player walking around an huge open-space, seeking for the floor's toilets, while managing its digestive system to prevent the worst of all accidents ?

The choice of a top-down view game was obvious, as it was the best way to show the never-ending number of offices that would have to be explored to finally find the toilets.

There would be a lot of obstacles trough all the floor : blocked roads, coffees making you faster but also more constipated...

That year was also the opportunity to try the new Superpowers engine freshly out of its beta. The game development, made simultaneously in two computers, greatly enhanced our work, the engine being also simple and efficient.

As for me, I've made the title screen, the credits, integrated the user interface, and managed the collision with the objects.

The game development went smoothly without encountering difficulties, letting the time for our illustrators to add easter-eggs in some desks of the floor.

Maybe the game was't as easy as wanted because of the huge size of the floor, but it was still in line with our expectations and we were all pleased of it.